Zoning Permit Application: VDOC or PDF


The undersigned applies for a zoning permit for the following use, said permit to be issued on the basis of the information contained within this application.  The applicant hereby certifies that all information and attachments to this application are true and correct.  The applicant is required, in addition to the information requested on this form, to submit plans and drawn to scale, showing the actual dimensions and shape of the lot, exact sizes and locations of existing buildings on the lot and, and the location and dimensions of the proposed buildings or alterations.

  1. Erie Co. Tax Parcel number of lot to be built upon
  2. Name of Owner:

Mailing Address:

Phone Numbers:    Home                    Work

  1. Existing Use:
  2. Property presently zoned as:
  3. Proposed use and cost of building, addition, accessory building, etc.:

Check mark here if proposed structure is for:

Personal use ______  Farm use ______  Business use ______   Industrial use ______

Residence    $            Single family     Yes / No      No. of Units

New Construction   $                           Business   $

Remodeling addition    $                Industry    $

Accessory Building    $

Sign    $_________________        Size of Sign ___________________

Wind Turbine     $____________________

Height at tip of blades _________________

Swimming Pool   $________________    Other (explain) _______________________

If the proposed use is for commercial or industrial purposes, attach a detailed description of the nature of the business or industry.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to obtain a permit from the Ohio Department of Commerce for a change in use or new construction.  Contact the Ohio Department of Commerce at 614-644-2622.

  1. Percentage of lot to be occupied:
  2. Lot: Width                       Depth                Lot Area
  3. Square feet of Construction Area: Residence

Garage                                       Basement                                 Accessory Building

Commercial Bldg                  Industrial                   Deck

  1. Building Heights: Stories                     Feet

10.Yard Dimensions:        Front                    Rear

One side                Sum of side yards

  1. Accessory building dimensions:         Height     Side of dimensions

12.Number of off-street parking spaces to be provided:

13.Number of off-street loading berths to be provided:

  1. On a separate sheet attach a sketch of proposed structure showing dimensions and location of structure on lot in relation to other buildings/structures.  Include other supplemental requirements or conditions that will be met, or explain any points you feel need clarification.

NOTE:    This permit shall be void if work is not started within one (1) year, or completed within 2 ½ years.

I hereby acknowledge that the information which I have provided on this application will be used to determine whether a zoning permit will be issued.  I further acknowledge that this permit, if issued, will authorize only the specific use which I have stated in this application.

Owner’s Signature: ______________________________

Date: ________________________


Date Received:                           Fee Paid:             $

Date of Action on Application:               Approved:

Denied:                Reason for denial:


Zoning Inspector